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Zinc Tablets

Zinc Tablets boost immune function, support wound healing, and contribute to skin health and hormone balance. Essential for overall well-being and vitality.

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Boost your wellness with our Pure Zinc Tablets! Specially crafted with a focus on purity and potency, these tablets offer a high-quality source of zinc, an essential mineral crucial for enhancing overall health and vitality. Zinc plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions: it strengthens the immune system, aids in wound healing, supports healthy skin, and contributes to DNA synthesis and cell division. Our targeted formula ensures that you receive the optimal amount of zinc needed to maintain these critical functions. Each tablet is a step towards holistic health, empowering your body with the key nutrients it needs to thrive. Our Pure Zinc Tablets are your dedicated companion in achieving and sustaining peak health, ensuring a resilient, well-nourished body and mind. Embark on a path to a more robust, balanced, and flourishing you with every daily dose!

Pure Zinc Tablets

These tablets deliver zinc in its most absorbable form, ensuring a 30mg dose that aids in maintaining standard zinc levels, supports healthy skin, and assists in the synthesis of proteins.

Zinc, a vital mineral, is naturally present in foods like beef, peanuts, and oysters. Our OptiZinc® tablets provide this mineral in a form that maximizes absorption efficiency.

The unique composition of OptiZinc®, which binds zinc with methionine, enhances the mineral's bioavailability, ensuring quick absorption by the body. Zinc is instrumental in supporting normal testosterone levels in the blood, promoting the health of hair, preserving the integrity of the skin, and bolstering the immune system.



  • Enhanced Absorption: Delivers zinc in a form that's optimally absorbable.
  • Exceptional Value: Offers high quality zinc nutrition at an economical price.
    Usage Guidelines


Intended Use

OptiZinc® Tablets are suitable for individuals aiming to supplement their diet with zinc, particularly for those focused on sustaining normal testosterone levels and immune health.



Composed of bulking agents and OptiZinc® (Zinc Monomethionine), these tablets are crafted for optimal absorption without any unnecessary additives.

Diet Compatibility

  • This product is suitable for those following vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal diets.


  • Consume one tablet daily, preferably with a meal.
  • Maintain in a cool and dry environment.


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